Who We Are ? Why Do We Exist?

Our vision is to provide a platform for self employed and as well as a marketplace where small companies and individuals may find qualified professional service providers for their daily operations.

Our mission is to provide self employed with a platform to develop their abilities and sharpen their skills. We view it as a privilege to respond to our clients' needs at the appropriate moment by recommending the best self employed.

We are going to empower millions of self employed to get employment or work directly from the customers.

We are a platform for customers to easily and rapidly find the right self employed for their service or requirement through the website.

Millions of self employed in our country are currently finding it difficult to provide their service in an era where the internet is running the world. Therefore, we created this website so that these possible individuals could sell their service to customers who are in need of their service through our platform.

zupab persistently creating to build our self employed network with quality and top notch individuals with values to serve the customers with the highest possible level of satisfaction.