No.It is completely free.

Yes. You can cancel the service by contacting your booked self employee.

Self employee must register in zupab for getting work orders. Only those who are fully registered in zupab can become a service provider.

You can make payment directly to the self employee. We are not providing any payment services.

No, you don’t need to register in zupab for availing services. You can simply go through our website and can book the services and customers can select the self employee and can provide their details to the self employee.

No, the zupab is fully free for customers. Customers can come to our website and can easily book a service at free of cost. Customers need to sign up to give feedback on work and for posting a work and we can allot the service based on your needs.

Yes, you can make a booking through phone by using our website. You can also make a booking through your laptop, mac, or pc.

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