Payment Terms

Customers will pay the self employed directly for the services they receive from them. There are no payment facilities offered by us. Customers may pay directly if both parties so choose. Customers can use our review system to inform us of any excessive fees levied by the self employed. The customer must register on our website to avail this service. We'll keep an eye on it and take any action if needed. We do not set the price for the services, thus it is up to the clients to negotiate a fair price on their own.
Customers of zupab are not charged any service fees. Customers get unlimited access to the website.
Customers can typically pay through cash, net banking, wallets, or UPI, depending on the self employed's convenience.
zupab is merely a platform that allows the self employed to set their own rates based on costs and taxes.
Customers have a responsibility to get a receipt from the self employed after making a payment. Regarding the payments made by customers to self employed, zupab doesn't produce any invoices or bills.
The payment for the services rendered by the customers is not handled by zupab.
The self employed has a responsibility to see to it that they are paid by the clients following the job. In the event that customers fail to pay fees after service, we are not responsible.
For payment and billing purposes, self employed are required to submit a legitimate bank account, proof of identity, and other pertinent information. If zupab discovers that the information are questionable, we will terminate or prevent all or any advantages for self employed.
Customers will not be informed by zupab of the costs associated with any specific service prior to booking while selecting post a work option. It entirely depends on the self employed and the type of work.