Standard of Work

zupab is a marketplace connecting customers who need services with self employed. We are only a marketplace connecting self employed and customers.The platform was developed with the intention of assisting those who are prepared to work independently as well as those who want instant assistance.

Self employed who want to provide their services can register on our website, They can access to all of our website's features after registering for free until six months. After six months, self employed must enrol for one of our multiple subscription plans in order to continue using our website; otherwise, they will lose access to all of our features.

Consumers can easily visit and look for a self employed if they require a service. They does have the option of hiring a self employed. Customers are not required to pay any service fees to us and it is completely free for them. They must, however, pay for the services that the self employed rendered. Using the data on our website, customers may find out all the information about self employed and contact them. According to both of their convenient procedures, payments can be made straight to the self employed. We are not a part of the payment process between clients and self employed.

Following making contact with the self employed, he will visit and start the work. Consumers can leave comments on our website about their experience with the self employed service so that we can improve them.